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30 Practical Campervan Gifts and Accessories for Adventurers

It's time to transform your van from boring to badass. In this article we will explore 30 must-have gifts and accessories that will turn your van into a cosy and comfortable space that you'll love spending time in. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time vanlifer, adding these personal touches can make all the difference in making your van feel like a true home on wheels.

I'm Shane, I've been teaching people to convert campervans for years; I'm the author of Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan,writer of The Van Conversion Newsletter, instructor of The Van Conversion Course over at Udemy. And full-time vanlifer for 4 years!

So let's jump in and look at these campervan essentials!

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The Van Conversion Book!

Surely the most perfect campervan gift of all? Roaming Home is a 380-page coffee table book all about DIY campervans. You won't find a more comprehensive (and readable) book. Grab Roaming Home today.

A Mini Projector

Among the plethora of campervan accessories available, the mini projector stands out as a true gem. This compact device brings the magic of the big screen to your cozy campervan home. Whether you're snuggling up for a movie night or sharing memories through a slideshow, this portable projector is a must-have. Lights, camera, adventure!

mini projector
Mini projector

mini projector installation van

In the Roaming Home 2023 study, we found that 16% of van conversions have a projector. I have a mini projector installed in the ceiling with a pull down projector screen 1 metre in front of it. It’s an android device that comes with Netflix pre-installed. I just hook it up to the wifi and it’s good to go. A great piece of kit for movie nights!

Outdoor Dining Delight: Camping Chairs and Table for Al Fresco Meals

lightweight camping chairs

Music on the Road: Portable Speaker or Sound System for Your Campervan

In the Roaming Home 2023 study, we found that 22% of van conversions have installed speakers. I could not live without my two pioneer speakers. There’s nothing better than eating lunch beside a river while rocking out to the blues!

Portable speakers are the perfect campervan gift for music lovers on the road.

JBL speaker

Coffee Connoisseur's Dream: Aeropress for Quality Brews

Aeropress van coffee

Damn near the most important thing in my life! Why else would I have spilled the beans for this artsy photo!

campervan coffee

A Kindle

Books take up a lot of room in a van, especially if you’re a voracious reader. I couldn’t be without my Kindle! I use it nearly every day. A campervan essential and the perfect campervan gift!


A Hammock for Inside or Outside Your Campervan

Hang it between two sturdy trees or use portable stands for ultimate flexibility. This versatile campervan essential provides a cozy spot for lazy afternoons, starlit evenings, and midday siestas. Whether you're seeking tranquility or adventure, the hammock is a must-have accessory for every van dweller. It's time to unwind, sway to the rhythm of nature, and embrace the true essence of van life. Discover the ultimate campervan accessory that offers both comfort and a touch of wanderlust.

vanlife hammock
The creators of modern vanlife boho; @our_venturing_van

Efficient Storage: Organize Dry Food with Storage Jars in Your Campervan

kilner jars

Jars are a super smart and effective way of storing dried food. I have more than I can count. They make a fantastic campervan gift for him or for her!

jar storage campervan

Bring Nature Inside with Plants

campervan plants

One of the things I’m most proud of in my van is my terrarium (or ‘the fish tank’ as I call it). It is a living, breathing ecosystem built right into my kitchen unit. The terrarium has contained a variety of plants over the years; succulents, spider plants, bonsais, cheese plants, cacti, among many others.

terrarium in campervan

Plants are the #1 thing campervan essential to make your van feel like home. Plus, they have the added benefit of keeping the air clean and fresh!

I have plants all over my van, including some plastic plants (hanging ivy) around the place.

An Eastern European lady once told me “Man who like plant is good man.” I couldn’t agree with her more. Plants feel good for the soul.

plants in van terrarium

Stay Safe on the Road: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Your Campervan

An absolute campervan essential!

smoke alarm van

Stylish and Functional: Decorative Throws with Various Uses

throw rug vanlife

I have an Aztec throw that has a bunch of different functions. Picnic blanket, extra duvet, seat cover… A beautiful campervan gift to liven up a van!

beautiful rug campervan
How is this even a campervan? @mavistheairstream

Mesh Bags for Fruits and Vegetables in Your Campervan

Macrame bags; where flash meets function. A good place to put your fruit and veg.

string bag campervan

Campervan Style Upgrade: Duvet and Pillow Covers for a Cozy Bed

cosy duvet campervan

Keep It Clean: Double Garbage Bin for Recycling and Normal Waste in Your Campervan

bins for van

Non-Slip Mats to Secure Items While Driving Your Campervan

I put this underneath anything in my van that might move about while I’m driving (eg. jars). An essential campervan accessory!

non slip mat

Level Up Your Campervan: Levelling Ramps for a Stable Parking Experience

Ensure your van is level when you park up. Trust me. You won’t regret buying these.

leveling chock campervan

Be Prepared: First Aid Kit Essentials for Your Campervan Adventures

Safety first! Make sure you know how to use it too. I recommend taking a first aid course, you won’t regret it.

van first aid kit

Aromatherapy on the Go: Incense Diffusers to Enhance Your Campervan Ambience


I have a set of 40 essential oils which I use with my diffuser practically everyday. It makes the van smell wonderful!

I don’t like using burnable incense sticks as they are not great for your health, especially in such a cramped area like a campervan.

This is one of the most wholesome campervan gifts money can buy!

Campervan Safety Must-Have: Fire Extinguisher for Peace of Mind

A campervan essential. Make sure you know how to use this device too!

fire extinguisher

Bring Good Vibes: Tibetan Prayer Flags for Positive Energy in Your Campervan

tibetan prayer flags

Set the Mood: String Lights for a Magical Atmosphere Inside and Outside Your Campervan

I use string lights all the time! Mostly inside, to add a very pretty, even lighting. But occasionally I bring them outside for dinner under the stars. They're a very useful campervan accessory.

fairy lights

Combat Humidity: Dehumidifier for a Dry Interior in Your Campervan

Very useful in humid climates. Keeping your van interior dry is always a top priority.


Stay Cool: Portable Fan to Beat the Heat in Your Campervan

van fan

Set the Mood: Scented Candles for a Relaxing Ambience in Your Campervan

scented candles

Cold Weather Companion: Space Heater to Keep You Warm in Your Campervan

campervan space heater

Compact and Quick-Drying: Travel Towels for Adventures on the Go

This compact and lightweight campervan accessory is perfect for life on the road. From beach trips to outdoor adventures, the microfibre towel is a must-have for any van dweller.

microfibre towel

Bug-Free Nights: Mosquito Nets for a tranquil evening

bug net hat

A portable fire pit

portable fire pit

I bought one of these years ago. Looks great, leaves no trace. A very useful campervan gift for those who enjoy the occasional roasted marshmallow!

Water purification tablets

water purification tablet

A smart thing to carry. Use them if you’re ever unsure.

A fantastic campervan gift: Inflatable kayak

inflatable kayak

One of the best campervan gifts: The inflatable kayak! Or stand up paddleboard. Or folding bikes. Whatever gets you outside really!

Jump cables

jump cables

Screw hooks

screw hooks

Honestly I have used these in so many places… hanging keys, plants, paintings, etc…



Your solution to getting stuck in mud, sand, or snow.

Portable monitor

A remote working must!

portable monitor

USB car charger

usb car charger


And there you have it folks! 30 campervan essentials for the wandering adventurers!

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If you're looking for some guidance with your van conversion, you might be interested in Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan. In the 380-page book (or ebook), you'll learn directly from me how to convert a van into your dream home - no prior experience needed!

Until next time,

roaming home

Shane ✌️


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