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150 Must-Have Van Conversion Parts and Supplies

Researching which parts, supplies, and accessories are needed for a van conversion takes a lot of time. Knowing what insulation and wiring to use, which appliances to purchase, and what tools are needed can be a little overwhelming. So, I made this van conversion parts and supplies list to help you out! It contains everything you need to convert a van into a beautiful campervan. It should save you a huge amount of time on your van conversion, so you can get your campervan built​ and finally set off on the adventure of a lifetime! 🏄‍♂️🚐⛰️🧗‍♂️🚴‍♂️.

I'm Shane, the author of The Van Conversion Newsletter, the van conversion instructor at Udemy, and the proud owner of a beautiful self-build campervan called Beans. So let's jump in and have a look at what parts are needed for a van conversion!

The complete list of supplies to convert a van into a campervan

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campervan electric supplies

Campervan Solar Kit ☀️

A campervan solar kit is essential; infinite free power from the sun!

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Adhesive cable clips

Adhesive cable clips

Securing the solar cables on the roof

10awg solar panel cable

10AWG solar cable

Connecting solar panels & solar charge controller

Solar cable entry

Solar cable entry

Passing solar cables through the roof

40a inline breaker

40a inline breaker

Protect the Solar Charge Controller from surge

40a inline breaker

50a inline breaker

Protect the rest of the electrical system from surge

Note: Here is the 200 watt solar kit if you want a smaller setup.

Split Charge Relay Kit ➕

A split charge relay kit allows you to charge up your leisure batteries while you drive around in your van.

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100a ANL fuse

​2 X 100a ANL fuse & holder

One to protect the battery charger, one to protect the rest of the electrical system

Note: Whilst a DC to DC battery charger is preferable (and necessary if you have a lithium battery), I understand it is a little expensive! As a cheaper alternative, you could get a Durite split charge relay kit instead. However given the closeness in price and massive difference in performance, I still highly recommend getting the 60a DC to DC battery charger.

Shore Power Kit ⚓

Shore power allows you to hook up your van at a campsite and charge up!

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Shore power Inlet

Electric hook up socket

Socket in the side of your van to accept mains electricity

Shore power cable

Shore power cable

Connect to mains electric hook up at a campsite

Garage consumer unit

Garage consumer unit

Protect your campervan electrical system in case of fault

40a inline breaker

​40a inline breaker

Protect the rest of the electrical system from surge

Campervan Leisure Battery Kit 🔋

A campervan leisure battery kit forms the backbone of any campervan electrical system.

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Heavy duty bus bar

2X 300a Heavy duty bus bar

Common connection point for positive and negative cables

Isolator switch

Isolator switch

Leisure battery kill switch

250a ANL fuse

​200a ANL fuse & holder

Protects the leisure battery in case of surge

Victron battery monitor

Battery monitor

For monitoring the levels/health of your leisure batteries

Leisure battery terminal connectors

​Leisure battery terminal connectors

For connecting cable to your leisure battery

Note: Whilst a lithium leisure battery is preferable, I understand it is rather expensive! As a cheaper alternative, you could get a 200Ah AGM battery instead.

Van Inverter Kit 🔀

A van inverter kit converts 12v to 110v/240v. If you want plug sockets inside your van, an inverter is a necessity.

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Isolator switch

Isolator switch

Kill switch for the inverter

300a Mega fuse

​300a MEGA fuse

Fuse to protect the inverter (175a fuse if using a 1000W Inverter)

Mega fuse holder

Plug head

​Plug head

To wire up plug outlets in your van; an outlet is connected to the inverter with a plug head

Note: Here is the 1000W pure sine inverter if you want a smaller setup.

Campervan Fan 💨

A campervan fan is another necessity; both for staying cool, and for extracting noxious air when you are cooking.

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Butyl tape

​Butyl tape

For sealing the fan on the roof

Note: The Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe is the most popular campervan fan for a reason - it's the best on the market. It is quiet, has 10 speeds, and can be used when its raining. However it is expensive. As a cheaper alternative, you could get the 2012 campervan roof vent.

Campervan fridge 🥒

Another campervan essential. Somewhere to store your vegetables and freeze your ice cream! Related Reading: Best campervan fridges


Note: The Dometic CRX CoolMatic is considered one of the best 12v compressor fridges on the market. However, it is pricey. You can find cheaper 12v fridges on Amazon like this one (note it doesn't have a freezer).

12v Campervan Lights 💡

Van conversions will typically be kitted out with a mix puck lights and LED strip lights.

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12v LED lamp

LED ​Side lamps w/ USB charger

Useful 12v LED lamp for the bedside and kitchen

LED puck lights

LED Puck lights

12v LED lights for the roof; I recommend 6-8 lights

12v dimmer switch

12v dimmer switch

To dim the puck lights in the ceiling