About Me

Hi, I'm Shane!

I am the VanLife instructor for Udemy and a digital nomad. I live full-time in my self-build campervan Beans. I am the CEO & founder of fintech startup Aikido Finance which I run while living on the road! It's a crazy life, but a lot of fun.

I love all things outdoors. I am a ski instructor, mountain guide in-training, downhill skateboarder, surfer, ultra-runner, climber & mountaineer, and lifeguard.

I am consciously designing my lifestyle so that I get the most out of my life; focussing on the things that will maximise my long-term happiness.

I have a strong interest in personal development and am working towards FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). 

I love teaching, meditation, coding, among an array of other things. 

Lifes for living. The dream is freedom. Wag more, bark less.


You Can Contact Me Here: