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The Van conversion
Roaming Home Book

The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan

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Learn how to build your own campervan - no experience required

  • 380 Pages of illustrated content to help you design and build your dream campervan

  • Plan your van conversion with inspiration from over one hundred campervan designs

  • Access comprehensive electrical, water, and gas diagrams

  • Gain valuable insights from the 2023 Van Conversion Study

  • Dive into captivating case studies

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge to help you understand electrics, insulation, carpentry, metalwork, and more

  • Get discounts from some of the biggest outfitters

  • The complete campervan book: 50 chapters​ across 8 sections

See what's inside!

“I'm astonished! This book is a work of genius. I can't believe the amount of work that you have put into it and that somehow you managed to present the massive amount of information in such a clear and easy to navigate format. Well done! I'm so impressed”

Joey Cleary

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Van Conversion wiring Diagram

The Van Conversion Diagram Pack

  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Wiring Diagrams

  • Advanced Water System Diagram

  • Complete Gas System Diagram

van conversion supply list

The Van Conversion Supplies List

Get the 250 must-have supplies needed to build a beautiful campervan - with links to every product.

Van Conversion Electrical System Sizing

Campervan Electrical System Sizing Calculator

Figure out exactly how big your batteries need to be, and whether you need solar power, split charging, and shore power.

Van Conversion Survey Results

Get the Results of our 2023 Van Conversion Study

Find out: the best van to convert, how much to pay, how long does it take, how much mileage and what year is acceptable, the most popular insulation, the most common electrical systems, and much more...

What's inside?


i. Case studies ii. Order of execution iii. Choosing a van iv. Project management v. Design ㅤ


i. Removing rust ii. Removing the bulkhead iii. Window fitting iv. Roof vents, skylights, & air conditioning v. Inlets vi. Awning vii. Swivel seats viii. Ladder ix. Spare wheel ㅤ


i. Electrics explained ii. Wiring diagrams iii. Wiring iv. Fusing v. Batteries vi. Ground vii. Split charging viii. Shore power ix. Solar system x. Inverter xi. Switch panel xii. Lighting xiv. Fridge


i. Insulation explained ii. Sound deadening iii. Floor insulation iv. Wall insulation v. Roof insulation ㅤ


i. Water system installation ii. Shower iii. Toilet ㅤ


i. Gas installation ii. Heater iii. Hob and sink iv. Oven ㅤ


i. Carpentry crash course ii. Panelling: floor, walls, & roof iii. Overhead cupboards iv. Bulkhead storage v. Cupboard vi. Kitchen unit vii. Storage ideas viii. Bed ix. Table


i. Security ii. Bells & whistles iii. Living on the road ㅤ


Research is time-consuming.

Find absolutely everything you need in the book - save weeks of research!


Save thousands by getting it right from the start. Avoid the most common mistakes when converting your van.

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Roaming Home - ebook


Roaming Home - hardback


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Author Bio

Shane is an adventurer at heart; when he’s not hanging off the end of an ice axe, he travels with an ardent fervour.

His vanventures began in North America many moons ago, where he endlessly explored the mountains, rivers, and deserts with a minivan. Since then it’s been an obsession.


On returning home to Ireland, Shane promptly quit his corporate job as an engineer and moved into his van ‘beans’ full-time. Adventure was now the full-time job! An early mission was a memorable expedition from Spain to Svalbard (pretty much the North Pole). Shane has been living in his van for the past four years. He currently lives in Chamonix, France, where he dwells part-time in his van, part-time in the mountains - climbing, skiing, and paragliding.

Shane Monks O'Byrne
Roaming Home - The Van Conversion

For the last few years Shane has been teaching others how to build campervans through his website, newsletter, and through The Van Conversion Course, which now boasts well over 1000 students.

Under his tuition, hundreds of beautiful campervans have been built. And with this book, hopefully many more to come.

Let author Shane be your trusted companion on this transformative journey. With his infectious passion and wealth of knowledge, he'll guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your campervan becomes more than just a vehicle—it becomes your true home on wheels; your roaming home.

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