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Learn how to build your own campervan from scratch - no prior experience needed!


Make fewer mistakes as your convert your van. Get it right the first time and see how we did it.


Van research is time-consuming. Find everything you need here, taking days off the groundwork.


We have some sweet features in our van (including a terrarium!). Get inspired by seeing what we did.


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The Complete List of Supplies for Converting a Campervan in Ireland & UK

15th July 2021

In this article you will find everything you need to convert a campervan in the UK and Ireland. I have split the items into categories and give you a link of where to purchase it from. It should save you a huge amount of time on your van conversion, so you can get your campervan built​ and finally set off on the adventure of a lifetime!

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The best vans for campervan conversions in 2021

The Best Vans For Campervan Conversions In 2021

25th January 2021

Find out how to choose the right van for your campervan conversion and what you should think about before starting your build! 

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This is how to plan and design your campervan l;ayout

This is How to Plan and Design Your Campervan Layout

7th February 2021

Get inspiration from some of the most beautiful van builds out there! I show you the best ways to design your van.

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How to Convert Your Van 30% Faster (And Save a Lot of Money)

21st February 2021

Good project management will save you time, money, and help you make fewer mistakes. Learn how to increase your productivity while reducing stress.

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Hi! We're Shane and Charlotte

We're two digital nomads living in our self-build campervan Beans.

Living our best life on the road.

We created this site to help you build your own beautiful campervan!

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Marc Williams

Great fundamentals and small tips to stop mistakes before they're even made! Very engaging course. Looking forward to my first build

Hannah Brackenbury

Brilliant course, a detailed overview on how to build your campervan from scratch even with no experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and now very much looking forward to building my van! Thanks Shane.

Darren Miller

Well presented, very clear and basic terminology.