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15 Badass Exterior Modifications for Your Van Conversion

Surviving a zombie apocalypse can be hard. These exterior van mods will help you survive.

I'm Shane, I've been teaching people to convert campervans for years; I'm the author of Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan,writer of The Van Conversion Newsletter, instructor of The Van Conversion Course over at Udemy. And full-time vanlifer for 4 years!

Now let's jump in and have a look at a selection of badass exterior van mods.

Exterior van mods

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roaming home

My friend Greg at @the4X4spaceship was kind enough to share a list of all the external mods you can make to a van in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. Here they are:

  1. Lift Kit: A lift kit will give your van increased ground clearance and allow you to fit bigger tires. This allows you to tackle rough terrain with ease. It also makes it harder for zombies to reach you.

  2. Off-Road Tires: Off-road tires are essential for getting through tough terrain. They are larger in diameter, but by adding wheel spacers you can also run wider tires. Look for tires with aggressive tread patterns for maximum traction.

  3. Bull Bar: A bull bar will protect the front of your van from collisions and impacts. It can also be used to push through hordes of zombies.

  4. Winch: A winch is a useful tool for getting your van out of sticky situations. It can also be used as a tripwire against zombies.

  5. Skid Plates: Skid plates protect the underside of your van from rocks and debris. They can also be used to slide over zombies without damaging your van.

  6. Snorkel: A snorkel will allow your van to wade through deep water without getting water in the engine. It can also be used to breathe in a toxic zombie-infested atmosphere.

  7. Roof Rack: A roof rack is a great place to store extra supplies. You can also use it to mount weapons or other zombie-fighting equipment.

  8. Extra lights: Can be mounted on the grille or as a light bar on the roof. Fantastic for spotting zombies at night.

  9. Compressor: This contraption is built in under the hood, so you can re-inflate your tires after having deflated them for offroad.

  10. Upgraded suspension: Extra leaf springs in the back for a better spring rate and shock tolerance. Driving through a zombie horde can be a bumpy ride…

  11. A ladder: The easiest way to get onto the roof, where you will have the best visibility of the approaching horde.

  12. Spare tire carrier: Mounted on the backdoor for quick access.

  13. Cargo box: A backdoor mounted cargo box is a great place to store axes, spiked baseball bats, or anything else to help you defeat the undead.

  14. Maxtrax: Recovery boards are very useful if you get stuck in sand or snow.

And if you are really worried …

  1. Reinforced Windows: Reinforced windows will keep zombies from breaking in.

If you're looking for in-depth guidance on van conversion metalwork, I recommend you check out these metalwork guides.

We were was so inspired by Mike's Overlander van conversion (Last Line of Defense), that we featured him in Roaming Home 👇

Last line of defense van
That's one tough mudder; @lastlineofdefense


I hope you found this guide to exterior van mods useful! You are well on your way to a beautiful, zombie-free, self-built campervan!

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If you're looking for some guidance with your van conversion, you might be interested in Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan. In the 380-page book (or ebook), you'll learn directly from me how to convert a van into your dream home - no prior experience needed!

van conversion book

Until next time,

Shane ✌️


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