The Complete List of Supplies for Converting a Campervan in UK & Ireland

Researching a campervan conversion takes a lot of time. Knowing what insulation and wiring to use, which appliances to purchase, and what tools are needed can be a little overwhelming. So, I made this van conversion supplies list to help you out! It contains everything you need to convert a campervan in the UK and Ireland. I have split the items into categories and give you a link of where to purchase it from. It should save you a huge amount of time on your van conversion, so you can get your campervan built​ and finally set off on the adventure of a lifetime! 🏄‍♂️🚐⛰️🧗‍♂️🚴‍♂️

Building your campervan is hands-down one of the funnest and most educational experiences of your life. So unleash your inner architect, let loose the interior designer, grab that saw and get to work! In this article you will find every single item in that was used in building the van from The Van Conversion Course. I include everything from the very big to the very small. I'm Shane, van conversion instructor at Udemy, digital nomad, and proud owner of a beautiful self-build campervan called Beans. So let's jump in and have a look at what's needed to convert a campervan!


Van Conversion insulation


Van conversion solar panels

Solar Panels

Van conversion tools


Van conversion lighting


Van conversion shore power

Alternate Power

Van conversion carpentry


Van conversion electrical diagram


Van conversion heating and cooking

Heating & Cooking

Van conversion appliances


Van conversion window

Window & Fan

Van conversion cladding


Van conversion furnishing

My Campervan

Note: All items linked below are paid affiliate links. By using these links, you are helping me to continue writing blogs and creating courses for building campervans in the UK and Ireland. I want to help everyone get on the road and embrace the freedom. So help me help you :)





Wires & Fuses




Other Electrics






Carpentry & Furniture




My Campervan

I have a long wheelbase, high roof Ford transit (L3H3) that has stood to me wonderfully. It has 400W of solar power, a split-charge relay, shore power, running water, an LPG heater, a large fridge and kitchen area, a comfy bed and large wardrobe, an adjustable height table, a roof fan, and a sink and stove. It even has a home cinema with a projector and pull-down projector screen! It's turned out beautifully and is a great travel companion.

Needless to say, I put a lot of time, money, and effort into my van. I knew that I would be living in it full time so I wanted to make it perfect. But a self-built campervan doesn't have to be that way; you don't need every item I have listed above to get on the road. The most important thing is to jst get started!

Let me know in the comments if there were any items I didn't list, and don't hesitate to ask me questions :)


You can check out how I built my van in The Van Conversion Course.

Happy van converting :)