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UK Campervan Storage Guide (2024): Top Locations, Costs, & Essential Tips

Campervan storage is a relevant concern for many who aren’t full-time vanlifers, or who need to leave their van for a while. You may not have a big enough garage or driveway to keep your camper at home, or you may not wish to leave it unattended and out in the weather. Shane himself, founder of The Van Conversion, is leaving his van to go travelling by bicycle for the next year or two. What concerns has he had and what solutions has he looked into to keep Beans the campervan safe and secure?

Shane has been teaching people to convert campervans for years; he's the author of Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan,writer of The Van Conversion Newsletter, instructor of The Van Conversion Course over at Udemy, and a full-time vanlifer for 4 years! 

This article will go into all the important considerations when choosing storage, as well as cost estimations and helpful tips. We’ll also highlight some good options for outdoor and indoor campervan storage in key areas of the UK and Ireland.


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Why Look for Dedicated Campervan Storage?

We store our cars on the street year-round without a second thought, so why consider dedicated campervan storage? For one thing, on-street parking may not be feasible if parking space is limited at your home. For another, many may prefer to keep their campervan somewhere more secure. Generally, your campervan will be worth substantially more than your car, with many valuable components inside and out. Theft aside, you may also be motivated to prevent such a valuable asset depreciating due to wear and tear from weather, bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental factors. Any good campervan storage solution will provide security at minimum, and covered or indoor options will also protect against the elements.

Types of campervan storage

Campervan Storage Yards

Outdoor campervan storage yards are dedicated businesses who manage large outdoor spaces where campervans can be stored. These are generally outdoor facilities, though some provide covered, indoor campervan storage spaces. They’re set up for large vehicles, and thus have large parking spaces, often on hard standing ground, and wide aisles for easy manoeuvring. The compounds are secure to varying extents. Some provide just fencing, CCTV, and secure gated access, whilst others incorporate security patrols, number plate recognition systems, and alarms. Campervan storage yards are a good, dedicated option, with lots of choice available nationwide.

Campervans parked in an outdoor campervan storage yard
Finding a campervan storage solution that works for you can make all the difference when choosing whether to buy or keep a campervan (photo: Stondon Storage)

Self-storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities are businesses which generally cater to individuals and businesses who need to store the contents of houses and offices. Some, however, offer campervan storage units in addition. The nature of this storage varies, and may be fully enclosed in containers or warehouses, or may simply be an adjacent outdoor yard. In all cases, the facility will be tightly secured against intrusions or theft. In addition, since these facilities are often in more urban areas, they may be a more convenient choice for city dwellers.

Long-term Car Parks

Plenty of long-duration car parks operate nationwide, and again are often in urban areas. These generally offer security to some extent, though it’s often less stringent than that of a dedicated storage facility. The trade-off is often cost and convenience. City and county councils frequently offer season passes for certain car parks within their jurisdiction, as do private car park companies like NCP, Citipark, Q-Park, APCOA, and others. Taking advantage of such long-term parking passes may be a good option for those living in cities who want to store their campervan close to home.

Specialised Campervan Storage Services

These are similar to simple storage yards, but offer a more complete service for campervan owners. Amenities include things like cleaning and valet services, winterisation, and repairs and servicing. Further, such businesses may also offer pickup and dropoff of your campervan at your desired location. You may also find campervan-specific amenities such such as waste disposal spots, wash bays, and electrical hook-ups. The trade-off is of course cost, but these businesses offer a complete and dedicated package for those wanting the best for their campervan.

Estimating the Cost of Campervan Storage

The cost of your desired campervan storage solution will depend on location, amenities, the size of the storage space, and whether it’s indoor or outdoor. You’ll also likely be able to take advantage of discounts for longer storage periods. Campervan yards and storage facilities can cost as little as £30 a month, and rise to around £80 as amenities stack up. You will generally pay more in the home counties of England than in the North or West Country. Note that this price range is based on paying annually, often in a single payment; business owners charge progressively more for shorter terms

Self-storage facilities are primarily advertised as such, and don’t publish prices for campervan storage on their websites. This is largely due to cost changing due to available space, depending on the current status of their self-storage business. You’ll need to get in touch with such businesses individually to get a quote. 

Long-term parking can cost as little as £30 per month but can be much more, with prices in excess of £150 depending on how centrally located in a city the car park is. You can, however, find good deals on flexible season tickets, allowing you to park in multiple car parks around the country.

Campervans parked under a canopy in a storage facility
Covered campervan storage is worth considering for the protection it offers, helping to maintain the value of your beloved camper and cutting down on maintenance (photo: Fillmore Covered RV Storage).

The Best Campervan Storage Solutions Near You

Campervan Storage in Cornwall

Cornwall is a very popular destination for caravanners and campervan holidays. Storing your campervan here may be a good idea if you holiday in this part of the world regularly, as prices can be much cheaper than elsewhere in the greater South.

Storage Yards and Services

Callestick Caravan Storage is situated near Perranporth, 4 miles from the A30 and within 6 miles of both Truro and Newquay. They offer:

  • Indoor campervan storage

  • Good security (CCTV monitored and alarmed secure perimeter, controlled 24/7 access, automatic number plate recognition, and the owner lives on-site)

  • Camper pick-up and drop-off

  • Booking of servicing and maintenance

  • Valeting services

Storage costs £78 per month for an annual contract, £92 per month for 6-12 months, £140 per month for 1-6 months, and variable rates of around £50 per week for less than a month.

St Mellion Storage, close to Plymouth, the A30, and the A38, are a family business on a working sheep farm. They provide:

  • Secure 24/7 access to a CCTV-monitored storage yard with the owners living on-site

  • Free water and a self-serve cleaning station

  • Servicing

  • Valeting services

  • Attached campsite

Prices are available on request.

Tregainlands Touring is located in central Cornwall 1 mile from Bodmin, just off the A389 and two miles from the A30. Tregainlands offer:

  • Secure access that’s alarmed and monitored by CCTV with owners living on-site

  • Free water and electrical hook-up available (handy for trickle charging)

  • Waste disposal

  • Campervan cleaning station

  • Servicing and maintenance

  • Valeting services

Tregainlands Touring charges £318 per year (£26.50 a month) and £182 for a 6 month contract (£30 a month) for small campers. For large campers, they charge £340 per year (£28 per month) and £203 for 6 months (£34 a month).


On the self-storage front, Coastal Self Storage and Connor Storage are both self-storage facilities in Cornwall that also accommodate campervans. Prices are available on demand.

Long-term Parking

Finally, Cornwall County Council offer season tickets for their long term car parks dotted around the county. These cost between £33 and £95 a month depending on the location, with discounts for 3 month, 6 month, and annual tickets.

Caravan being towed through a gate out of a secure storage facility
Secure, gated access, is an essential feature to look out for when choosing a storage facility. Make sure you pay attention to the facility's access hours (photo: Guardian Secure Storage).

Campervan Storage in Essex

Essex may not be hugely popular as a caravanning destination, but its central position in the English Southeast near airports and major motorways makes it a good choice for storage of your campervan.

Storage Yards and Services

Barnfield Secure Storage Park is well-located near to Stansted Airport and the M11, A12, and A120 trunk roads. They offer:

  • An alarmed facility covered by CCTV and automatic flood lighting

  • On-site staff

  • 24/7 secure access

  • Campervan washing facilities

  • Compressed air

  • Servicing and maintenance available on request

The owners charge £850 for an annual contract (£71 per month) for even the largest panel van-based campers. Owners of large motorhomes will pay £1085 per year (£90 per month).

Stondon Storage is located between Chelmsford and London, 15 minutes from the A12, the M25, and the M11. The facility is secured with CCTV, alarms, guard dogs, and a 24/7 access gate pass. The owners run a simple storage yard with no added services. Annual prices are £425 for small campers (£35 per month), £490 for medium campers (£41 per month), £570 for the largest panel vans (£47.50 per month), and £650 for large motorhomes (£54 per month).

Guardian Secure Storage, situated near Colchester and 2 minutes from the A12 and A120 trunk roads, provide another more fully-featured service. They provide:

  • A compound secured by CCTV, alarms, security patrols at night, and a resident security warden

  • 24/7 secure access

  • On-site workshop with tools

  • Free water, air, electricity, and cleaning equipment

  • Dump station

  • Valet service

  • Servicing and maintenance

Guardian Secure Storage charge a flat £780 per year (65 a month) for campers of all sizes, or 66 per month if paying monthly.


Stable Self Storage is a self-storage facility located between Brentwood and Basildon that also has campervan facilities. Prices are available on request.

Long-term Parking

Chelmsford City Council also offer season tickets for car parks within their jurisdiction. These cost between £108 and £158 per month, whether paying annually or monthly.

Campervan Storage in Leeds

Leeds is centrally located between some of England’s top natural beauty spots; the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, and North York Moors. It’s also a good starting point for visiting North Wales and the Lake District.

Storage Yards and Services

Bridge Farm Caravan and Motorhome Storage is located on the Leeds ring road. They provide:

  • 24/7 secure fob access

  • CCTV-monitored facility

  • Valeting service Servicing and maintenance

  • Fitting of solar panels, security systems, parking sensors, and other upgrades

Their packages start at £610 per year (£51 per month) for small to medium campers and £690 per year (£57.5 per month) for large campers.


Twenty4 Storage and 1st Storage are self-storage facilities in Leeds that also offer vehicle storage. Prices are available on request.

Campervan washing station
Some storage facilities provide dedicated washing stations for use by customers (photo: Green Meadow Caravan Storage).

Campervan Storage in Sheffield

Sheffield is also located fairly centrally towards the North of England, on the doorstep of the Peak District. It’s a good starting point for holidays in North Wales and the Yorkshire Dales.

Storage Yards and Services

Junction 36 Storage, on junction 36 of the M1 trunk road north of Sheffield, is a simple storage yard secured by code-accessed gates and monitored by CCTV and automatic floodlighting. Importantly for the region, the site doesn’t flood, no matter how heavy the rain. The owners charge a flat rate of £255 for 6 months (£42.5 per month) or £450 for an annual contract (£37.5 per month).

Series One Storage, in Dronsfield, is well placed between Sheffield and Chesterfield. They offer:

  • Alarmed and CCTV-monitored facility

  • 24/7 secure access

  • Free water and electricity for all customers

  • Campervan washing facilities

  • Indoor and outdoor storage

The owners charge £35 per week for indoor storage (£140 per month) and £600 annually for outdoor storage (£50 per month).


Self Storage Sheffield is a self-storage business that also offers campervan storage; prices are available on demand.

Campervan Storage in Gloucester

Gloucester sits on the River Severn in England’s Southwest and is brilliantly situated between London and the home counties in the east and Dorset, Cornwall, and Wales in the west.

Storage Yards and Services

Gloucester Caravan Storage is located just off the M5’s junction 12 south of Gloucester. They provide:

  • A facility covered by remotely monitored CCTV and proximity lighting

  • 7-day-a-week secure access by fob

  • Owner living on-site

  • Mains power, water, and air free to all customers

  • Campervan washing facilities

  • Basic maintenance equipment

They charge £642 annually (£53.5 per month), £400 for 6 months (£67 per month), and £200 for 3 months (£67 per month).

Withydale Estate Car, Caravan, and Boat Storage is northwest of Gloucester between the A40 and A417. They provide:

  • CCTV-monitored and alarmed premises

  • Gated and barriered secure access

  • Indoor and outdoor storage

  • Servicing and maintenance

  • Basic washing service

  • Campervan collection and delivery in the UK and EU

  • Breakdown recovery service

The owners charge £500 annually (£42 per month) or £280 for 6 months (£47 per month) or £2.50 per day for small and medium campers (£75 per month). For large campers, they charge £575 annually (£48 per month), £320 for 6 months (£53 per month), or £3 per day (£90 per month).


Dainton Self Storage is a self-storage facility based in Gloucester that offers campervan storage; prices are available on demand.

Long-term Parking

Further, Gloucester City Council provides the option to buy season tickets for city car parks, with prices ranging from £216 to £420 for a 3 month period (£72 to £140/month).

Campervan owner using a dump station to empty his waste tanks
Dump stations for emptying your grey and black water tanks are another amenity offered by dedicated campervan storage facilities (photo: Fillmore Covered RV Storage).

Campervan Storage in Kent

Kent is well-situated in England’s southeast, close to London and the international stopovers of Dover Port and Ashford International train station.

Storage Yards and Services

Caravan Storage Thanet is located in central Thanet, east of Canterbury. They offer:

  • Site secured by CCTV and proximity lighting

  • Secure 24/7 access with a code

  • Owners live on site

  • Repair services

  • Undercover storage subject to availability

Prices start at £80 a month depending on requirements.

Mariners Farm is on the Medway estuary near the M2 and M20 trunk roads. They provide:

  • CCTV monitored and alarmed site

  • Gated access with a fob

  • Owners live on-site

  • Water and electricity provided to all customers

They charge £165 per quarter (£55 per month) or £620 annually (£52 per month) for grass plots, and £205 per quarter (£68 per month) or £765 annually (£64 per month) for hard standing plots.

Down Barton Farm is situated between the A28 and A299 15 miles from the port of Dover and 25 miles from Ashford International. They offer:

  • Site monitored by CCTV and proximity lighting

  • Secure 24/7 access

  • Water available to all customers

  • Repair and restoration service

  • Undercover storage also available

The site charges £500 per year (£42 per month).


Canterbury Self Storage is a self-storage business which offers campervan storage; prices are available on request.

Campervan Storage in County Kildare

County Kildare, just west of Dublin, is a very convenient, central location from which to start campervan adventures all over Ireland.

Storage Yards and Services

Green Meadow Caravan Storage is located just off the M11 between Arklow and Wicklow. They provide:

  • Site secured with CCTV, proximity floodlighting, and number plate recognition system Owners live on-site

  • Washing and valeting services

  • Servicing and maintenance

  • Water and compressed air available for all customers

The site charges €640 a year (€53 per month) and €380 for winter storage from September to March (€54 per month).


Ballinakill Yard Self Storage, located just north of the border between County Kildare and County Neath, offers campervan storage; prices are available on demand.

Campervan owner washing the roof of his campervan
It's important to give your campervan a good wash before putting it into storage (photo: Guardian Secure Storage).

Preparing Your Campervan for Storage

Having chosen where to store your campervan, you need to prepare it for its time in storage. Long periods of inactivity and being left unattended can take their toll on your home on wheels if you don’t take proper care of it beforehand. Make sure you take the time to:

  • Clean your campervan thoroughly inside and outside, removing food crumbs and rubbish

  • Inspect your campervan for damage, and conduct repairs before putting it away

  • Empty, clean, and defrost the fridge to prevent mould and odour buildup

  • Empty all water tanks and lines, and flush these with antifreeze if winters freeze where you’re leaving your campervan

  • Empty and flush the grey and black water tanks and lines, and treat with chemicals to make sure they’re properly clean and won’t be producing terrible smells by the time you next come to use your camper

  • Top off the fuel tank to prevent condensation and moisture buildup, which can damage fuel lines and the engine

  • Check your tyre pressure and top up if necessary

  • Disconnect batteries to prevent the gradual parasitic drain that occurs over long periods of disuse

  • Consider using a trickle charger or battery maintainer to maintain your battery health, depending on your setup.

  • Secure all windows and vents to prevent the weather and wildlife from getting in

  • Consider pest control, such as poison, traps, or deterrents

Final Thoughts

You’re now all set to get your campervan into storage. A storage solution that works for you can well make the difference in deciding to buy or keep a campervan if you’re not able to store it at home. Some options may even sweeten the prospect by providing you with the facilities and services to make your ownership experience smoother. If you live in an area not highlighted in our article, searching along the lines we’ve explained will help you find a local solution that works for you. In all cases, a reputable site that provides a quality service will have good reviews by appreciative customers. Find the campervan storage solution that works for you, and go exploring with peace of mind.

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