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The 13 Best Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan storage is one of the most important things to think about when converting a van. And you never have enough storage... that is a fact. In this guide I will show you 13 of the most popular campervan storage ideas. In each section I will link off to a seperate blog on how to build that specific storage. By the end you will be well-equipped to build a stunning campervan with lots of storage space!

I'm Shane, I've been teaching people to convert campervans for many years, I'm the author of The Van Conversion Newsletter, the van conversion instructor at Udemy, and the proud owner of a beautiful self-build campervan called Beans. So let's jump in and learn about the 13 best campervan storage ideas!


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Designing Accessible Storage

Some of the campervan storage ideas laid out in this guide are very simple, some are more complex. But no matter what the campervan storage, we must consider ergonomics in our build. Poorly built campervan storage will quickly give you a sore back or neck!

So, here are the key dimensions to keep in mind when converting your van!

Campervan Storage Dimensions

Campervan Storage Dimensions

Maximum shelf height


This is considered a high shelf

Book shelf


Standard eye height

Lowest shelf above campervan kitchen unit

45cm above kitchen unit

Any lower than this and you start to obscure the view of the back of the worktop

Campervan Kitchen Unit Dimensions

Standard Kitchen unit height


Standard Kitchen unit Depth


Shelf above a kitchen unit

1m above the kitchen unit

You can just reach a shelf of this height when leaning across a standard kitchen unit. This is usually the bulkhead storage which happily coincides with these dimensions.

Campervan overhead lockers depth

30cm above the kitchen unit

You can just reach a shelf of this height when leaning across a standard kitchen

Depth of a sliding drawer


Standard depth of a sliding drawer

Depth of a wardrobe


Standard depth of a sliding drawer

Crouching space in front of a low cupboard


Allow this space in front of a low cupboard

Crouching space in front of a low cupboard with open sliding drawer


Allow this space in front of a low cupboard with a sliding drawer

Now that we've examined some of the ergonomics behind the key storage units, let's jump in and check out the 13 best campervan storage ideas!

Campervan Overhead Lockers

The first campervan storage idea in this countdown is the campervan overhead locker. Campervan overhead lockers can be found in most self-build van conversions. They fill up a rather awkward space, are very spacious, and look great!

I have two campervan overhead lockers in my build. Each overhead locker has three compartments.

Campervan overhead lockers

I use the campervan overhead lockers to store books, toiletries, tech gear, and other miscellaneous items. In my opinion they are a must have!

BUILD GUIDE: Learn how to build campervan overhead lockers.

Van Bulkhead Storage

For weeks I tried to figure out what the heck to do with the bulkhead area in my van. A van bulkhead is the awkwardly-shaped cavity above where the driver sits. And then it came to me in a moment of clarity... Van bulkhead storage! It's a large area that is perfect for storing food and kitchenware.