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A Complete Guide to Van Ladders (and How to Install One)

A van ladder can be a useful addition to your van conversion. I use mine frequently in the winter to clear snow off the solar panels. A ladder could also be used for accessing a roof rack, cleaning the roof, performing solar panel maintenance, or for accessing a roof-mounted sun desk. In this guide, we will look at the installation of backdoor van ladders, side ladders, prime design ladders, and portable ladders.

In the Roaming Home 2023 study, we found that 20% of van converters had a ladder.

I'm Shane, I've been teaching people to convert campervans for years; I'm the author of Roaming Home; The Comprehensive Guide for Converting Your Van Into a Campervan,writer of The Van Conversion Newsletter, instructor of The Van Conversion Course over at Udemy. And full-time vanlifer for 4 years!

Now let's jump in and have a look at how to install a van ladder!

This is How to install a Van Ladder

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Supplies List 🛒

Bosch power drill

​Bosch power drill (800W)

For driving and drilling

Heavy duty nuts and bolts

Bosch ratchet set

Ratchet set

For nuts & bolts

​Hammerite metal paint

For protecting bear metal from rust

Sikaflex 522

rear door ladder

Rear door ladder

Portable van ladder

Before we hop into 'real' van ladders, I want to bring your attention to the portable / collapsible van ladder. It is a far simpler solution that is simply stowed away when not in use. Definitely worth considering.

Backdoor ladder

The first van ladder installation we will look at is the backdoor ladder. A backdoor ladder is a permanent installation that requires drilling bolts through the van’s exterior.

Step #1: Mark the pilot holes

Place the van ladder against the back door and mark the four drill points with a pencil.

back door van ladder

Step #2: Drill the pilot holes

Drill the pilot holes into each of the four marks.

Drilling pilot holes

Step #3: Apply metal paint to the exposed metal to prevent rust

Ensure you clean all the metal shavings (swarf) before applying the metal paint.

Step #4: Attach the van ladder to the door

There should be foam and a metal backing plate that came with your new ladder.

The foam is for shock absorption and for preventing any scratching to the metal of the van. It also adds a waterproof seal to the van.

The metal backing plate is so that the weight of the van ladder is more evenly distributed, rather than solely hanging on the door.

In terms of layers, it should look like this:

How to install a van ladder

So go ahead and put the van ladder up against the door and tighten your bolt right through all those layers.

Tip: Before securing down the bolts, I applied some mastic tape to the outside of the pilot holes to give a watertight seal.

Bolting van ladder to back door

Side ladder

van side ladder
@flatlinevanco supplies side ladders

A side ladder (like this one from Flatline Vanco) is a popular alternative to the back door van ladder. It gives a really rugged, overland-y look!

Installing a side ladder can actually be easier than a back ladder because they are mounted directly onto your van’s roof rails. Roof rails are a very useful van conversion addition, they can also be used to mount rigid solar panels or a roof rack.

Once the roof rail is installed, the side ladder literally just slides into place.

Roof rail

How to install a roof rail on a van

Installing a roof rail on a van is pretty easy. First remove the rubber plugs running down the length of the roof.

Heat up the plugs with a heat gun, then pry them out with a flat head screwdriver.

how to install a roof rail on a van

Next add a small piece of mastic/butyl tape over each hole to help create a watertight seal.

Adding mastic tape to the bolt hole
Adding mastic tape to the bolt hole

Finally, bolt down the roof rail to the roof. The washer and nut are tightened from the inside of the van.

Offroad van ladder
And then your van can look like @agileoffroad

Prime Design ladder

A company called Prime Design makes a back door ladder that requires no screws at all, it just uses pressure clips on the top and bottom! It has become increasingly popular among van converters.


I hope you found this guide to installing a van ladder useful! You are well on your way to a beautiful self-build campervan!

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van conversion

Until next time,

Shane ✌️


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