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Campervan Hob and Sink Installation (SMEV 9222)

A campervan hob and sink are essential if you want to derive any sort of enjoyment while on the road. In this guide you will learn all about The SMEV hob sink, the most popular campervan gas hob on the market. We will look at how it compares to other models and follow an illustrated installation guide.

I'm Shane, I've been teaching people to convert campervans for many years, I'm the author of The Van Conversion Newsletter, the van conversion instructor at Udemy, and the proud owner of a beautiful self-build campervan called Beans. So let's jump in and see how to install a campervan hob!

The ultimate guide to campervan water systems

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What is the Dometic SMEV 9222?

The Dometic SMEV 9222 (also known as the Dometic HSG 2370) is the most popular campervan hob and sink combo in the industry. It's simple, nonsense design and ease of installation makes it a no brainer for van converters.

Campervan Hob and Sink

What do you get with the Dometic SMEV 9222?

The most basic SMEV hob sink typically comes with:

  • 2X Campervan gas hobs

  • A sink

  • A piezo ignition (to light the gas hobs)

However when bought as a set online, the campervan hob and sink also comes with:

  • A microswitch tap

  • Fresh and waste water containers

  • Submersible 12v water pump

  • Fresh and waste water piping

Sometimes the SMEV hob sink set will also come with a 30mbar gas regulator.

The Dometic SMEV 9222 has two reinforced/heat resistant glass lids that can be lowered when the campervan hob is not in use. That gives you extra space to cut your veggies!

The SMEV 9222 is the campervan hob and sink I have in my build - and I'm a huge fan! I couldn't vouch for it more.

Dometic SMEV 9222 vs SMEV 9722

SMEV 9722

The SMEV 9722 is very similar to the SMEV 9222. However there are some key differences.

The SMEV 9722 is a more compact Campervan hob; it can fit in tighter and narrower spaces.

The 9722 also has a more square design - giving it a more "modern feel".

The installation of the SMEV 9722 is much the same as the 9222.

Dometic SMEV 9222 vs Induction hob

An induction hob can be an excellent alternative to a traditional campervan gas hob. The upsides being:

  • You may not need to install a gas system in your van (if you have no other gas appliances)

  • Safer

  • Less humidity in the air = better for your van (when gas burns, it releases moisture)

  • Induction hobs cooks quicker than gas hobs

However there are two elephants in the room...

  1. Induction hobs are 230v AC. This means you will have to constantly run it through your inverter which is a lot less efficient in terms of energy usage.

  2. Induction hobs are very power hungry - the smallest campervan induction hobs have wattages up to 2000w or higher. Even if you do have an inverter large enough to handle this, you will need some big leisure batteries to be able to support that kind of draw!

On induction hob that has caught my eye is the Tefel portable induction hob, which has a low setting of 450W.

Campervan induction hob

Most people will install a regular campervan hob like the SMEV 9222 rather than an induction hob. Though with a large inverter and batteries, the induction hob could be a great alternative!

Campervan hob and sink installation (SMEV 9222)

1. Buy a kitchen worktop

The first thing to do is to buy a kitchen worktop! This is a heavy-duty worktop that can take a bit of wear and tear. INTERBUILD make a kitchen worktop that looks great!

Campervan kitchen worktop

2. Trace around the template with a pencil

Place the cardboard template supplied with the campervan gas hob on the kitchen worktop. Trace around the cardboard template with a pencil.

SMEV cardboard template